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    ATG - ContentGroup


      Hi all.

      In my work I faced some problem with current realization of content groups, exactly with relatedProductGroup. When we use BCC Merchendizing, to make relation between one product and product group, ATG take a list of group from "/atg/epub/file/SecuredPublishingFileRepository:contentGroup", and when we choose some group, ATG put ID of it to the "relatedProductGroup" - string property of "contentItem" (using for this "dcs_prd_groups" database table).

      My main goal  is get a list of products from the related product group, but on production we can do it only by using "RepositoryGroupContainerService", which can return "RepositoryItemGroup" by repository and group name (getGroup(repName, group)), from where i can get the list of all repository items included in this group.


      So, summarize my problem: on production I only have ID of related group, but it's useless for me, because the only service which can return this product group use their names, and I have no Idea how to get it.