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    Oracle Apex: Unable to Convert Oracle Forms


      I have attempted to do an oracle forms conversion so I can successfully create a migration project. When I attempt to create the migration application I receive the following error:

      The project, "TestApexForm" does not contain any Blocks associated with database objects.


      Here's what I've done:

      • Exported the original oracle forms
      • Successfully installed apex on the database, created a workspace, and users for this application.
      • Added the schema that the original oracle forms pages were using.
      • Created a new migration project using this added schema (also attempted to do this with the default schema)
      • Attempted to create the application several times. I did this with one page (no triggers existed on this one), then with more than one.


      I am having a lot of trouble finding information on this. I can add that the original forms were just using the one DB schema. I'd really appreciate any help.