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    How to add FYI notification after final approval

    Jaber Taslaq

      Dear All

      I have a requirement to informe some user(s) after final approval of leave absence, how can i achive hat using AME ?

      Thanks in Advance

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          Hi ,


          Please try with below option and see if your requirement is fulfilled or not.,


          1)Open the respective workflow

          2) Create FYI notification

          3) Navigate to respective Process flow in workflow

          4) Associate FYI notification in the required flow.




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            1. Create required approver groups to determine whom do you want to send the notification

            2. Create a new rule with the type as For Your Information

            3, This rule should have the same conditions as your leave rule. the actions should point to the new approver group.


            To make sure that the FYI notification goes in the end, the Order of the approver group that you created in step 1 must be greater than the approver groups that you have in your main rule.

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              Charlie R



              If you haven't used FYI's before within the Transaction Type, you will first need to enable FYI's.


              To do this, navugate to: Approvals Management Business Analyst > Business Analyst Dashboard


              At the bottom right hand corner of the Dashboard Screen are some quick links, go to Configuration Variables


              Retrieve the relevant Transaction Type and then update the Variable Name field: Allow For Your Information Notifications to Yes. > APPLY.


              This will now allow you to select 'For Your Information' in the Category drop down when creating your rule.


              Hope this helps.