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    Load YTD data into a Periodic Scenario




      I think this is an easy one but I want to be 100% sure of what I should expect from HFM.


      Need to load YTD balances into a Periodic scenario (default view = periodic, zeroview= periodic, consolidate YTD = no)


      Do I need to specify the "YTD" string into the file I'm going to upload?

      Periodic data are automatically calculated as difference between to consecutive YTD balances?

      Is there some advise/alert I should keep into account?


      Many thanks to everyone.

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          Yes, you need to specify YTD within the records you are loading.  Generally, you want to avoid loading YTD data to a Periodic scenario and vice versa.  In your example an issue would arise if you loaded YTD data to a flow account and then your YTD amount in the next month went to zero resulting in your data file not having a record for that intersection the next month.  For example, if you loaded $1,000 in January to your sales account but then the YTD amount in February went to zero (rare but it does happen) then you would not have a data record for that sales account in February so that after you load you would expect to see a zero YTD number in HFM.  However, with the zeroview set to Periodic, HFM is expecting a Periodic amount and when one isn't loaded it assumes that the Periodic (not YTD) is zero and derives the YTD number.  In this case it would show a February value of $0 Periodic and $1,000 YTD when you were expecting $0 YTD and -$1,000 Periodic.  Bottom line is that you should load Periodic data to a Periodic scenario and vice versa.

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            When this happens to me, I create a holding tank scenario and then perform a copy data setting the view to periodic.

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              Ok. This souds to me.

              What if instead I upload YTD data into an YTD scenario (default view = YTD, zeroview= YTD, consolidate YTD = yes) and then I switch, through financial reporting, to the Periodic view? ( In this case I assume users will not make any adjustments or input through HFM, data are just good as they are when they come from source systems). Does HFM calculates the periodic view correctly? Should I expect some "weird" behaviour?


              Tx to all.