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    Use of mapsoapheader

    Mats Ulvedal

      Hi all,


      I need some help with SALT and how to get stuff in SOAP-HEADER,

      I'm now trying an inbound call.


      I have updated my wsdf file with the property (Property name="mapsoapheader" value="true" />), but how do I use it in a PLUGIN code.

      The documentation is a little, (how should I put it) week maybe. For me it is.


      I simply don't get it,

      How and where should I translate.

      <cup:SoapHeader xmlns:cup='http://www.chinaunionpay.com/soa/esb/message/1_0'> <cup:Head> <cup:Name>xxx</cup:Name> <cup:Value>xxx</cup:Value> </cup:Head> </cup:SoapHeader>


      Where in the PLUGIN code should I use TA_WS_SOAP_HEADER,



      _XML_2_FML for inbound

      _FML_2_XML for outbound


      Anyone, anything.


      Best regards and thank's in advance


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          Maurice G-Oracle



          you don't need any plugin to use this. Go to Configuring an Oracle SALT Application and scroll down to "Defining the SOAP Header". I think you probably have read it already because your example is directly copied from there.


          However the way this works is you simply put the XML fragment in the TA_WS_SOAP_HEADER (for outbound) or read that field from the FML32 buffer to get that fragment (for inbound: note that this limits this ability to FML32 typed buffers as is mentioned in the link above).


          Let us know if you need more details.