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    Weblogic RUN IN AIX 5.3 TOO SLOW


      I have a P550 Sever,and use it to run weblogic 9.2 MP3.

      The Operating System is AIX 5.3 use IBM JDK 1.5 64bit.


      When I use Loadrunner to test the performance, The TPS Only is 100 TPS.


      And the index.jsp only 150 TPS.


      but the weblogic's access.log is nice , takes only 0.6-0.8s.


      and the loadrunner reponse time is 4.5-5 average.


      The app running in windows PC which is i3  3320 with 4GB memory , loadrunner's result is  800TPS, and response time is less than 1.5s.


      Any One can help?