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    WebCenter Portal Spaces user sessions staying active




      We just started doing performance testing on our first WebCenter Portal Spaces site this past week. It hasn't been going too well... We ran a test of 1,000 users over 2.5 hours and both of our Spaces servers bombed. We then ran a test of 500 users over an hour and monitored the servers more closely. We noticed that for an hour after we finished the testing the Active sessions stayed at over 4000 before dropping down to 0.


      Throughout the first test that failed we saw random errors in the logs giving an OutOfMemory error. This didn't make much sense since both Spaces servers are dedicated physical servers with 48GB of memory each. What I'm thinking is that possibly the fact that it is storing the user sessions for so long is some how eating up the memory... Where do I set the session timeout limit?


      Anyone have some thoughts on this?