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    Order Version problem in session

    Gaurav Agrawal

      Following error is getting displayed while udpating the order:

      Saving order 804880053 failed because doing so would result in data being overwritten. Order data for your browser window was out of date. Please re-submit your changes for them to take effect.


      My order is getting update in CSC and after that again I'm updating my order in StoreSite, in that perticular scenario only this error is coming.


      I have also used below code before updating the order in store site:

      itemDesImpl = (ItemDescriptorImpl)rep.getItemDescriptor("order");





      but It only removes cache data not session data and I think the problem is due to session data of order. If I would be able to remove order from session also, I guess I'm done with that error.


      As per my understanding below places order data exists:

      1. Session

      2. Cache

      3. Database


      Please help me out!