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    SQL Plans - How to "select" a specific plan and copy it to another database?


      Hi there,


      ENV: Oracle10gR2 ( RHEL 5.8 64bit, OEM


      I have few questions regarding SQL Plans.


      1. One SQL can have several execution plans. How to select one of them and  make sure that Optimizer always uses the "selected" execution plan?
      2. Can I find out if there are any SQLs for which a certain execution plan has been "selected"?
      3. How to copy these "selected" execution plans to another database (which is copy of original database on a new server)?


      I have recently built a new server for a client with above config. I want to make sure that the SQL plans that are currently "selected" and in use in current database should be copied and used in the new database as well.


      Best regards