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    Users is LDAP posixGroup not recognized


      I have a solaris machine with LDAP naming service

      I created a static group in LDAP with objectClass: posixGroup

      two users' posixAccount entries

      memberUID: someuser1

      memberUID: someuser2


      These two users have a gidNumber  different to that of SomeGroup's gidNumber saved with their LDAP entry. i.e SomeGroup is a new group to which I want to add these users.

      I create a file  on the Solaris machine with someuser1 as owner and read write permissions to SomeGroup . When I access the files as someuser1 , the permissions work perfectly fine but while accessing the file as someuser2 , the read write permissions(for group) do not work. This makes it clear that the LDAP users  with posixAccount are being identified as owners, LDAP groups with posixGroup are being identified(because was able to give group permissions) but the association between the groups and the users is not happening . I  also  see that permissions and Unix commands work perfectly fine for the gidNumber stored with LDAP user entry but when this user is added to a new posixGroup , they fail.

      Any help on this issue will be appreciated.