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    wlst.cmd version


      Hi All,

      I am trying (unsuccessfully) to export metadata for webcenter portal application using WebLogic Scripting Tool.

      Accordingly to documentation



      To list WebCenter Portal WLST commands, type: help('webcenter') at the WLST command prompt.


      If the message No help for webcenter found... displays, you are probably running the WLST script from the wrong directory, for example, you might be running wlst.sh or wlst.cmd from the oracle_common directory instead of WC_ORACLE_HOME/common/bin.


      Also in examples

      wlst:> importMetadata(application='wcps-services', server='WC_Utilities', fromLocation='<mar file>', remote='true'),

      but when I run in looks

      wls:> importMetadata(…………….


      I try it in right directory, but still having error. I have JDeveloper with Webcenter.

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          What kind of error /issue are you facing ?


          Anyway,where is the question of wlst.cmd version ?


          However, this a sample script for exporting -





          application- the name of the deployed application

          server- managed server on which the application runs

          toLocation- location where the exported metadata will be saved

          docs- the sub tree of metadata you want to export. In our case everything under /oracle/webcenter/





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            This is the kind of error:

            wls:/DefaultDomain/serverConfig> help('webcenter')

            No help for webcenter found. Please try help() for available options.


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              Yannick Ongena

              1) If you are trying to export the MDS from JDeveloper you are doing an unnecessary step as the MDS in JDev is already file based and you only have to navigate to the MDS location.

              You can find this in your Application properties by going to the Application menu and select Application Properties.

              Open the Run node and select MDS. Copy the Default location and open it in your explorer. This should give you the MDS without needing to export it.


              2) If you are trying to export MDS from a real WebCenter installation you have to go to the webcenter directory.

              In my case this is:


              So it looks like <fuisn home>/Oracle_WC1.common/bin


              This will open the WLST command tool and will load the required libraries for WebCenter.


              You can also read more about this in an article I recently wrote: http://www.ateam-oracle.com/exporting-metadata-for-a-specific-group-space-in-webcenter-spaces/