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    4.0 EA1 Java editor loses scroll bars after switching tabs and other remarks




      When double clicking on a Java source loaded in the database, a new tab is opened for the Java source editor. The following remarks:

      - the tab which is displayed as default is the 'Details' tab. Most of the times I am interessed in the source, so I expect the 'Source' tab to open as default tab.

      - after clicking on the source tab, the java source is displayed, but after some seconds a window pops up showing a select. I don't know were this is good for, but surely don't want to be blocked by it.

      - after switching to'the 'Details' tab and back to the 'Source' tab again, the scrollbars of the editor are lost. You can only navigate by using the arrow keys.

      - the tab 'Source' should be renamed to 'Code' like the plsql editor

      - the names of the properties of the Java object should be the same as in the plsql editor (for example: name -> object_name)


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