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    Is it possible to return the PO number after successful webadi upload


      Hi All,


      Kindly help me for the below scenario if possible.


      I am downloading approved requisitions through WebADi and then user is adding pay items in the excel of WebADI.

      Once upload i am submitting the custom concurrent program which indeed submits the standard PO import open interface program and a purchase order gets created.


      Currently i am displaying only the concurrent request id to the user and not the PO number that is being created but the business wants to see PO number in the webadi excel.


      Please let me know how i can achieve it.

      I have checked some blogs and developer guide which says that webadi will wait in synchronous mode for the import program to complete but not sure on how we can fetch the order number in this case to be populated on the Success message in excel.


      Thanks in advance.