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    How to restrict customer records being displayed using 'sales_channel_type' criteria in customer search form at 11g?


      OS: Linux


      ERP: 11g


      Hi There,


           I would like to create a new custom responsibility, which the responsibility is having access to Standard Customer Form (ARXCUDCI.fmb) , but I would like to make a restriction in the customer search form is that, everytime the responsibility user search by customer number, customer name, party name or what ever search field, I would like to limit to restrict further of searching criteria where SALES_CHANNEL_TYPE = 'RTL' is allowed to populate the customer records, there rest of customer records are not allowed to search out.


          This SALES_CHANNEL_TYPE column is from HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS table.


          I have tried the Form Personalization already, but the customer searching form has too many fields for user to search, therefore form personalization will be putting all over the places in the form. Therefore I saw others recommended of doing "Custom DLL"...may I know for my scenario, how to I go about Customer DLL? or any other more effective solution?


         Appreciate if anyone can share your experience related to matter above.