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    Graduate Specs to Referenced Output


      What role(s) are required in order to graduate specs to referenced outputs?

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          Ron M-Oracle

          Hi Chris,

          You will need the [SPEC_GRADUATOR] role. You can find details about the Spec Graduate functionality in the GSM Guide :


          • The graduate icon ( ) is available on material specifications with a output type of "External" for a user with the [SPEC_GRADUATOR] role. Clicking on the icon changes the external output to a "Referenced" material and resolves the workflow to a material specification workflow. The Sourcing Approval section becomes available for an item that has been graduated.
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            Hi Ron,


            we have a problem with Graduate hat on Material spec (we already highligheted it on Oracle Support 'SR 3-7759109571', but I would kindly like to have your opinion).

            I use  a "SPEC_GRADUATOR" user ( with write permission on the formula and material spec workflow) to reference an Output Material.

            I click on Graduate hat, the spec doesn't move in edit mode and seems to become referenced but when I try to find it in a late time, the spec is again External.

            If I add [SPEC_ADMIN] role to my user, system works as expected. I click on Graduate hat, spec moves in edit mode and become Referenced, then I save and the modifies has been saved.

            Have you any idea about this (workflow permission, roles, bug)?


            I hope my question is clear.

            Thank you very much.





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              Ron M-Oracle

              Hi Stefano.

              I think Rolf's comments in the SR regarding the workflow are correct, meaning that it looks like it may not be resolving to a Material Spec workflow that your user (without SPEC_ADMIN) has proper edit permissions to. Make sure to set up a proper Material Spec workflow that these specs would resolve to, which would give you edit access.

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                Hi Ron,


                I think I set a proper Formulation and Material Workflow because with the same Workflow configuration, in another customer environment, the system works as expected.

                It seems strange because after I click on Graduate Cap I'm able to move in Edit mode by clicking on Edit icon and I'm able to resolve the Material Workflow (I think this behavoir is reserved only to users with rigth wf permission) but system doesn't move the spec in edit mode automatically as I expect.

                Then if I don't click on "resolve wf" or "Edit icon", system doesn't keep the Output type changes and when I search my material spec, it is again External.

                I hope it's clear.


                Now I'm waiting for Rolf's (and Rolf's developer) answer and then I will come back to you with news.
                Thank you very much,

                Best regards,