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    schedule recycle of Weblogic managed server


      Hello everyone,


      We are having issues with gradual degradation of response time with our BI Publisher application.  Until the issue is solved, we would like to schedule a daily automatic recycle of the managed server that it runs on.  I have seen documentation for configuring node manager to recycle the server based on health status, but we would actually like to recycle this managed server daily at a specific time in the evening.  We have scripts that we call from the Linux command line to shutdown and restart a managed server.  I assume I could write a script that calls both of these with a sleep command in between the two to give the managed server time to shut down completely before calling the startup script.  Does anyone have any recommendations on the best approach for a task like this, or could a shutdown/restart at a specific time every day be configured with the l Admin console?

      We are running WebLogic Server Version in Java 1.6 Runtime environment on JRockit R 28.1.4.   Bi Publisher application is Release