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    Unable to create application CAS error


      I have the following error in the diagnostics log report when I installed on windows server 2008

      FAILEDSVR: Financial Management Service ValidationVerify that the Financial Management service is working.
      Error: EPMVLD-01024: The Financial Management service check failed: ERROR: Unable to CreateApplicationCAS
      Recommended Action: Verify that the HatEx utility is working. Check the hat.output file from the validation logs folder for details.


      I checked the hat.output file and found the following




      ------------STARTING VALIDATION SCRIPTS----------

      LOGGING IN HFM....


      ERROR: Unable to CreateApplicationCAS

      Number (dec) : -2147220968

      Number (hex) : &H80040218

      Description  : <?xml version="1.0"?>

      <EStr><Ref>{47E0E2A3-CECF-4D21-83BA-FE1B03C9C43F}</Ref><AppName/><User/><DBUpdate>1</DBUpdate><ESec><Num>-2147220968</Num><Type>0</Type><DTime>04/09/2013 12:00:03</DTime><Svr>RATNAP01</Svr><File>CHsxServer.cpp</File><Line>1285</Line><Ver></Ver></ESec><ESec><Num>-2147220968</Num><Type>0</Type><DTime>04/09/2013 12:00:03</DTime><Svr>RATNAP01</Svr><File>CHsxServer.cpp</File><Line>856</Line><Ver></Ver></ESec><ESec><Num>-2147220968</Num><Type>0</Type><DTime>04/09/2013 12:00:03</DTime><Svr>RATNAP01</Svr><File>CHsxClient.cpp</File><Line>2302</Line><Ver></Ver></ESec></EStr>

      Source       : Hyperion.HFMErrorHandler.1

      ERROR: while Application created


      I have created an application using the classic administration in workspace and I am unable to use certain functions.


      Please can some one help me.


      Thank you