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    Tabular form based on parameters from another page looses the record info after update


      I am using Apex v to be precise.

      (I am coming from Oracle PL/SQL, and worked with PL/SQL toolkit for web development)


      I have the following situation that I bang my head with for quite a while:

      1. A classic report with some entry parameters in the first page, populates student information.

      2. At the report attributes, I set the student id as a link to the second page (page 2) where we input hours worked in a tabular form that is pre-mapped based on work schedule periods by a procedure (in a package), with the only values that need to be filled in the blank being the daily hours worked.


      All the values are passed successfully to page 2, and the correct 'time card' record shows up for a given student. A run-time where clause is provided in ApplyMRU update the multiple hours entered based on the same page items that are querying the student record before the update.


      Issue: After the update, all the hours worked data (which is entered in the tabular form) disappears.


      The only way to see the record is to go back to page 1, select the student that was previously processed, and the hours are showing correctly.


      Note: The top of the page is not affected, all the student information appears normally.


      Any idea on how can I store these values necessary to re-query the processed student record so that I don't need to go back and call again the second page ?


      Does this need to be done through collections, or is it a simpler way ?


      Thank you so much, Alice Gheorghiu