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    Problem Finding PL/SQL and SQL Forum


      The note on this forum that it is, "Not for general SQL/PLSQL questons" does not solve the problem of so many people asking those questions here.  The problem is many people use PL/SQL for development so they will look under the Development Tools heading on the OTN Comunity home page for the SQL and PL/SQL forum.  The only choice that makes any sense is the SQL Developer forum.  It is not intuitive to a new user to go look under Database for development help.  The solution is to add the SQL and PL/SQL forum link under the Development Tools group on the Forum Home Page even though some may think PL/SQL is not a tool but a language.  If that is the case then create a new Heading for Languages and put all of them in there including Java, ODP.net, PL/SQL, etc. And while I am on my soap box, how about putting the Windows and .net forum link in Development Tools as well.  Also put a hyperlink in the disclaimer on this forum.  Then it might be appropriate to yell at people who *still* post SQL and PL/SQL questions here.


      Marcus Bacon