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    Tips on setting up connection between source=odbc and target=Oracle11


      I am working with a set of developers that use GoldenGate on a Windows server and only now how to setup a replication when both source and target are ODBC.  When the developer attempted to setup a single table replication, there was an incompatibility of driver issue.  Windows is running on 64 bit 2008 Server, and the x64 windows instant client was installed. I was emailed the following error message:


      OGG-00558: Failed to set implicit transactions off

      Cause: An error occurred while disabling implicit transactions.

      Action: Determine whether the underlying database supports the SET IMPLICIT_

      TRANSACTIONS OFF command to return to autocommit mode. Correct the

      problem, and then restart the process.


      My thought is that the target is native Oracle, so don't use odbc at all.  That would seem to be the slower solution anyways.


      Request:  Can someone point me to either documentation or an example that demonstrates what specific files need to be updated for this type of solution?  I'm thinking a simple example of pulling an MS access table to Oracle.  What would the setup files look like?


      Thank you,


      Ken Lee