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    Exam experience at center 65111


      Hi Everyone,


      I'd like to inform somebody in authority that I personally had an awful experience when writing my 1Z0-899 exam.  It says on the confirmation receipt that your aim is to ensure my exam experience is a pleasant one.  So I assume you are concerned about candidates' exam experience.


      The test center Gaganz in Surrey, BC id: 65111 is not a good center to take exams.  I was placed in a room where I could hear loud talking of a person in foreign (Indian?) language throughout most of my exam.  He was probably speaking on the phone because his talking stopped for a few minutes, then started again.  The walls in that office are thin cardboard-like and I could hear his loud telephone conversation very clearly.  Then some other person arrived but this time spoke English.  And that was throughout my whole exam!  I tried to plug my ears with fingers but imagine that even doing this I could hear them speak!


      This was such a terrible environment to concentrate on the questions!  I got 56% so I failed it.  I am not making any excuses, but maybe it could have made a difference if my exam time was respected and I had been provided with exam room that's more quiet?  We'll never know.  Again, I am not making any excuses but I think assessment of my performance would have been more fair had I not been distracted so much!


      So that exam center shouldn't administer any exams if they cannot provide normal exam accommodations!


      Thank you,