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    MAXL Import Database (and export data?)


      I have an import database MAXL command that is working great (sql account and password substituted).  The rule file has a SQL connection to our ERP. 


      MAXL> import database PLANNING.DetView data connect as sql_account identified by "Password" using rules_file "'\\\oceanus-d13\\Oracle\\Middleware\\user_projects\\epmsystem3\\EssbaseServer\\essbaseserver1\\app\\PLANNING\\DetView\\NLIncur.rul'" on error write to "'G:\\DB_Process\\DetView_Process\\errors\\DetView_NLIncur_data_load.mxl.err'";


      We are going to run this on a nightly basis and our requirement is to have a historical record of what was "pulled" from our ERP (even if it didn't make it in to Hyperion).


      Here are the options that I've thought of:

      1. Have a separate SSIS package use the same SQL to dump the data out of the ERP database into a flat file.  The downside to this is that I'm using subvars from Essbase that don't exist in SQL.  So I'd have to write the SQL in a different way potentially causing discrepancies.
      2. A separate Data Export of what was loaded.  The downside here is that it doesn't have the errors that never made it in.


      I can't find another option in the import database command to spool the output of the SQL to a file. 


      Does anybody have thoughts on how to do this or are there other ways to achieve what I'm trying to do?



      Cameron McClurg