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    EAS weblink not working


      Hi All ,


      Recently I have migrated my machine from XP to Windows 7 .


      From then onwards I face the problem of EAS weblink is not connecting . I ususlly connect this using Java Secure application manager.


      I have installed Java and JRE as I did for my XP previously when it was not working .


      But this time no luck . Its completly coming like PAge cannot be displayed. I have changed the settings in my system as it would replicated my fellow user machine. But still i face the same issue


      When i connect to the Juniper netwoeks secure application manager , bytes are not incrementing . ITs always showing 0 bytes .


      Does anyone have idea about this .




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          Celvin Kattookaran

          Did you try accessing the url using a web browser? Is it working for other users?







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            Whats the link you are trying for EAS ? & EAS service definitely running?

            Are all webapps deployed to Single managed server ? If yes, port should be 9000.

            Are there any settings required in Java Secure application manager to access URLs ?

            You can try telnet to 10080 or 9000 & see its these ports are open.




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              Did you get any download file while opening the EAS link through browser...if yes and save it and use always open with option to correct java version and double click on the file to open EAS....





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                Hi ,


                I am trying to access the EAS using URL .. And the server is up because my colleagues are able to access it .


                and also the link which i am connecting to EAS is correct . The same link is working for my other team members.

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                  Maybe your colleagues have a proxy setting in the browser options or maybe a host file entry, it is worth checking.

                  Can you ping the server, can you access by the IP address.






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                    Hi John ,,



                    I have added the host file entries and also i have changed the browser settings as it would replicate my team members system


                    For one of the colleagues ,, it worked after changing the host file entries as you said. But for me no luck .


                    I tried pining but I think we are not able to access using IP address. While pinging the server


                    I got like this


                    Request timed out.

                    Request timed out.

                    Request timed out.

                    Request timed out.


                        Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),


                    But when i tried to  ping this from my teammates .. itsthe same thing what they got.


                    Is there something I am missing out??

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                      It is possible that nobody can ping the server as ICMP echo request could be disabled, if your colleagues can reach the server and you can't then it points to a network related issue such as dns settings, proxy setting, host file or a firewall, you could check the routing by using tracert and compare to a colleagues.

                      WIthout seeing configuration it is not easy to provide the definite solution, it might be a case of having to compare all the settings on your colleagues machine and spot where there is a difference.