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    When to use ProvisionUsers.cmd vs. CubeRefresh.cmd User Filter Refresh to Essbase


      There are times when we add a new Version dimension to our planning application and apply security to this new version.  This happens in the middle of the day when users may be logged on to the planning application or possibly using SmartView.  We do a database refresh to sync the outline to Essbase, which takes a couple of minutes to process.  However, when we refresh user security from Planning we have been having issues for the security refresh to complete.  Sometimes we kill the process after it has run for 45 minutes to an hour and does not finish.  Don't know what's causing this issue if it's related to users are logged-on via SmartView or not (any way to monitor this process?).

      Also, many security changes happen via Shared Services as users change groups or need additional or removal of security on an ongoing basis.  We have a very stable process that runs evry morning (1 AM) that takes about 15 minutes to refresh security for six planning applications from Planning to Essbase using the "CubeRefresh.cmd" utility with the "/F" filter option. Even running this script during the middle of day hangs up sometimes when we try to refresh for the application that the dimension changed.  I came accross the "ProvisionUsers.cmd" planning utility.  I understand that the CubeRefresh.cmd is used to refresh the database as as security filters.  Was wondering for the security filter synchronization is it more efficient or safer to run the "ProvisionUsers.cmd" rather than the cuberefresh.cm?  What's the advantage of using one vs. the other?


      We are on Hyperion planning/essbase version


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide on these questions.