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    Escalation in BPM11g using "organization" and not the ldap server



      I want to implement the escalation of a task from user1 to user2.

      How can i achieve this by management approval process instead of using the ldap (i.e. defining the manager and other higher approver titles and assigning the users to these titles in ldap).

      What i know is we can create a logical hierarchy using Organizational Units.

      I guessed that I can provide a OU hierarchy and use it for the Management Task.

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          We implemented the same scenario using the Xpath without using the LDAP server to fetch the users.


          First we created the HUman Tasks for multiple levels leke Manager, Senior Manager,Delivery manager, Account Manager and etc,..  then for each level i.e., Each Human Task we have set the Boundary timer event and the expression for the Timer event as follows.


          concat("PT", bpmn:getDataObject('EmployeeLeaveRequest')/ns:LeaveRequest/ns:Leave/ns:managementEscalationDetails[3]/ns:numberOfDays,"M").


          Hope this helps you.





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            Hi Pavan,

            Thanks for the reply.

            But we don't want to create different human tasks for the different levels.

            We just want to assign the same task to the different level.

            If you check then in .task file under "Deadline" we can specify the "Task duration setting" and there are only 3 levels i.e. Manager, director, CEO.

            -> Suppose we have user1, user2, user3, user4, user5, user6, user7.

            -> Then lets say user2 and user3 are part of Manager level

            -> User4, user5 are part of Director level

            -> User6, user7 are part of CEO level

            Now, there are 2 things-

            1) if the task is escalated from user1 then it should be assigned to all the users of next level...and so on

            2) now there are only 3 pre-defined levels but what if in an organization we have other levels as well in between these 3 then what i know is we can define "Organization Unit" in "Organization"...but if we define the organization unit there then how to use it for escalation.

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              Do one thing...


              1) Firstly write a EJB Class and by using EJB adapter  fetch all the groups and the users using EJB service call ....

              Group A Has 2, 3 Users with a manger

              Group B Has 4, 5 Users with a Director

              Group C Has 4, 5 Users with a CEO

              and etc....


              2) Send the mails to all the Users and the Manager/Director / CEO of that group respectively if a specific task is not completed by any of the users then escalate to his supervisor/Reporting-manager


              Hope iam on the same page!!