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    ttGridAttach  problem for second grid member


      When I try to attach second grid member to the cache grid, it failed.

      Command> call ttGridAttach(1,'linux10_61','',5001);

      3332: Failed to open a connection to member 11GGRID_linux3_102_1 from member 11GGRID_linux10_61_2. Please check if this node is still alive and detach it if it is dead and/or set its standby state to fail - from grid member 11GGRID_linux10_61_2

      The command failed.


      Command> call  ttGridNodeStatus;

      < 11GGRID, 1, 1, T, localhost.localdomain, 11GGRID_linux3_102_1,, 5001, <NULL>, <NULL>, <NULL>, <NULL>, <NULL> >

      1 row found.

      port 5001 can be telneted from

      but can not be telneted from ( iptables problem)