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    Version 4 Bug - Multiple Object Editors of Same Object on Single Click


      Hi Jeff,

      thanks for your reply. You have missed that rule because you don't use SQL Developer for development. But never mind, lets go through it...


      1) Of course I have both options activated (all preferences were imported from previous version). The difference between previous version is that when you click on the SAME table multiple times - in the old version, it opened the table just once and in case you had another tab active, it swithed to the tab where the table was opened. So to have it clear, in the old version when you have table A and table B, both opened in separate tab and the focus was on table B, when you clicked on table A (in the tree) it activated tab with table A. It didn't create new tab with table A. Of course - why would I want to have multiple tabs opened with the same table??? In current version clicking on the same table multiple times, opens multiple tabs with the same table.


      This is also the reason why it sometimes openes a table multiple times even when you click it just once. This you cannot simulate because you are probably connecting to some local DB when you have perfect connection. Activate the autopin function and connect to different DBs all over the world and you will see what I mean. Right now, I have opened a connection and got 3 tabs opened, just after a single click on a table.


      2) Fetch size is again taken from previous version of SQL Developer and is set to 50. PgUp and PgDown are not working at all. I am talking about scrolling with a mouse wheel. In the old version it is working normally as expected. In this version if you scroll using a mouse wheel, the scroll speed is about 1 or even 0.5 lines per wheel round - so you can even not use a mouse wheel for scrolling! On all other places in this new release (connection tree, packages, ...) the scrolling is working normally, in the table it is unusable.


      3) I don't say it is on every table and every click. I cannot tell you how often is it because I am not using the new version. I am quite sure this is dependent on the connection speed maybe connectin quality. The difference between previous version is that in the previous version, refresh always worked. This particular issue cannot be solved by testing and searching for some rule when it happens. You must check the code and see when you display it!


      4) My screen resolution is 1920x1200, but that is only because I have an external monitor connected to my laptop. My laptop resolution is only 1366x768. Switch to this resolution and open the View menu.

      New worksheet - yes, this is exactly what I mean. I have planty of connections, for sure over 100 - but this is irelevant. Whenever you do a menu which can grow, you need to do it scrollable!!!


      I am not sure what you mean by Flyout menus, but I am scared only to hear about it