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    Not able to run any IR jobs in hyperion workspace


      Hi Everyone,


      We are not able to any IR Jobs in hyperion workspace(


      It's throwing error saying:


      "Unable to perform request

      A general error was encountered contacting the server.

      Recommended Action: Contact your corporate technical support."


      I have checked the services(DAS,BI and IR job ) and raframework too.Everything is working fine.


      Can Someone please help me in resolving it.




      Note:Before these jobs were running fine>

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          HI Charan,


          That will be the general error thrown by EPM,

          Please check the IE configuration settings to support EPM.(these are given by oracle)

          Then please restart the services and check ,

          And als0 try  to check the log IR BI job log.




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            Thanks alot for you response.I have checked all IE Settings everything looks fine.Seems like the Issue is with IR JOB Config settings.


            Dont know what make these all jobs failing at a time.


            Below is the error we found:

            Sep 10 02:13:46.690

            com.sqribe.transformer.PublishLogEffectiveDateStorage.getEffectiveDate: Error while reading Oracle\Middleware\*******\Reporting\ReportingAnalysis\data\***\effdate.dat". null

            com.sqribe.transformer.TransformerException: com.sqribe.transformer.PublishLogEffectiveDateStorage.getEffectiveDate: Error while reading Oracle\Middleware\u*******\Reporting\ReportingAnalysis\data\***\effdate.dat". null

            at com.sqribe.transformer.PublishLogEffectiveDateStorage.getEffectiveDate(Unknown Source)

            at com.sqribe.transformer.VirtualPublishLogStorage.init(Unknown Source)

            at com.sqribe.transformer.VirtualPublishLogStorage.fetchPublishLogs(Unknown Source)

            at com.sqribe.transformer.VirtualPublishLog.fetchPublishLogs(Unknown Source)

            at com.sqribe.transformer.QueryPublishLogCommand.execute(Unknown Source)

            at com.sqribe.transformer.subscription.MatchCandidatePullLoop.execute(Unknown Source)

            at com.sqribe.transformer.subscription.MatchEngine.execute(Unknown Source)

            at com.sqribe.transformer.ClientThread.run(Unknown Source)

            [1009921]: com.sqribe.transformer.PublishLogEffectiveDateStorage, getEffectiveDate, null, effdate.dat




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              Krishna Kumar K P-Oracle

              The error seems to be due to corrupted or missing "effdate.dat" file from "C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\ReportingAnalysis\data\ES1 "


              Stop services and  Backup the effdate.dat file in oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\ReportingAnalysis\data\ES1

              Copy the effdate.dat file from another server to the server having the issue

              Restart the services



              Hope this helps.

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