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    App behaviour when adding a dimension


      Hello everyone.


      We are developing a new EPMA application. It's finished at 90%, but we have a new request that would require to add a new dimension to the model.

      My concern is where's the existing data going to go on this new dimensión once it is deployed.

      Will EPMA or Essbase ask me on which member of the new dimension I do want the existing data to be allocated?

      Which precautions should be taken when adding a new dimension to an existing Planning application (be it EPMA or a classic on)?


      Many thanks.



      Germán Sánchez

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          If you add a dimension the data should still exist but be stored at the new dimension member level, that is the case for classic and should be the same for EPMA though remembering EPMA doesn't always stick to the rules.

          Anyway before adding the dimension why don't you export all the data in column format, then add the dimension, then if required load the data back with a load rule and assign to data to the correct member(s) in the new dimension. Don't forget all the forms, rules etc will be incorrect once a new dimension is added








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            Thank you, John.

            We have also been pondering the possibility of giving a new use to the Version dimension instead of adding a new one, since we are not really using versions (we only manage one version and the users are not interested in having more than one).

            What we need is to create the following metrics within the model:



            Amount (whichs is Price x Quantity)


            Given the particularities of the Version dimension, would you advise to use it as a metrics dimension? Anyway, we understand this implies it won't be possible to keep different versions --or that it will become more tricky. But is there something about model integrity we have to fear if we do so?


            Many thanks,



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              FYI, we finally added the dimension. All data was automatically assigned to the root member of the new dimension, so this a something to keep in mind when adding a new dimension to en EPMA planning app.

              As this is a DEV application, data is not relevant, but if data was relevant, it's important to anticipate that you will have to treat data before you mistakenly run a consolidation rule -- you can either export then import by using a rule file as you suggested, John, or I guess you can also copy data from the root member to another level 0 member within the new dimension.