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    related to migration of db from sql server to oracle 11 g


      We're trying to migrate a Sql server managment studio database to Oracle 11g using SQL Developer 4.0. We can successfully connect to both Sql server managment studion 8.0 and Oracle 11g using the tool, as well as click through the Migration Wizard and start the migration.


      This opens the Database Migration dialog box, which indicates the capture process starts normally. we get the following error:

      ora :01440 : can not insert null into migrlog (id column) ,

      \and then after some time , i get an error that migration failed

      i am not getting the reason,I thing it may be due to reason that , I have table's column in my source db with more than 30 character.

      If i am migrating one by one table . then it is not giving any error, and identifier name is getting shrink in 30 character. but i am not getting the view , stored procedure , indexes , and others

      then what is the solution  for that, somebody pls suggest any help?????????????