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    Financial Reporting - PDF has not been configured for this web server.


      When I try a Print Preview of my report, I received this error "PDF has not been configured for this web server".

      As far as I know, this error is confusing because when I look on my log files I found this:


      --- FRLogging.log ---


      [APP: FINANCIALREPORTING#] The system cannot access the Print Server at this time. Try again later or confirm the print server name.


      [APP: FINANCIALREPORTING#] Cannot connect to server on xxxHFRCE04.cf.gouv.qc.ca


      [APP: FINANCIALREPORTING#] Attempt to get an undefined configuration property



      --- FRPrintLogging.log ---


      HyperionReportException: Could not connect to the server.Please make sure that the server is running as specified in the logon dialog (including port number if not default).


      I read a lot of document but it seem to be au communication issues!!!

      Can someone help me with that.