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    Rolling OS Upgrade/Kernel Switch While RAC Online


      We want to know if we can run higher OS version with a different kernel (UEK as opposed to RedHat Compatiable) on one node of three node RAC Cluster. Our goal is to leave two nodes receiving transaction from External facing Website while we take one node down and upgrade OS, switch kernel and update kernel dependent packages/drivers. After we shutdown OHAS and Cluster Stack on node (crsctl stop crs), upgrade OS and packages/drivers, we will relink GI then RDBMS on one node. The final step of the relink starts up OHAS and Cluster Stack so the node will rejoin the cluster. Will this pose a problem joining the cluster when the one node will have a different version of OS (5.9 vs 5.2), PowerPath version (5.7.1 vs 5.1.2), OracleASM (built in to kernel vs externel driver package) for the interim of the upgrade? The environment differences are detailed below during the OS upgrade.


      Current Environment

      Oracle Linux 5.2 (using RedHat Compatible Kernel)

      EMC PowerPath 5.1.2 Software


      Oracle Grid Infrastructure (using ASM)

      Oracle Database EE


      Proposed Environment for Upgrading Node (Rolling)

      Oracle Linux 5.9 (switch to UEK)

      EMC PowerPath 5.7.1 Software

      OracleASM (driver in UEK and Support/Lib at latest version)

      Oracle Grid Infrastructure (using ASM)

      Oracle Database EE