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    Fill cell color in report - the entire cell?

    Mr Neil

      Hi all,


      Apologies to ask for something that has already been touched on.




      This solution was great to read. It colors the text background in a cell, in a report, depending on the data within. This is almost, but not quite coloring the entire cell.


      I have been trying for a while but at this point can I put it to the brains trust? (ie you)


      In old school language, what I'm after is


      <TABLE border=1 bgcolor=#FFFFFF>


      <TD>my first table</TD>

      <TD bgcolor=#00FF00>my first table</TD>



      ...which colors one entire cell, rather than just the white behind the text.


      FYI, I would then go to make this conditional depending on the data in the cell - Effectively becoming the Excel stype Conditional formatting.