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    EDI Advanced Batching


      Hi All,


      We have a requirement to Batch HIPAA 834 Document Type messages. We are using differed batch (ACTION_NAME = D:BatchID:Count:TimeOut) and need to batch large number of messages together(On a peak load expected messages can be around 30000 in the XML) in to one EDI file. XML will be around 150 MB, So we decided to dived the XML in to smaller chunks around 8 to 10MB(Each file having around 1500 messages) for BPEL to processes smoothly. Each divided  File will be processed in Separate Instance and with same batch ID to generate one EDI file with multiple ST SE segments in one ISA segment. We should not send the EDI file even if one instance fails due to some error. Currently what ever the messages reached the B2B are being batched in the specified time Interval. So to be simple, Is it possible to instruct B2B not send an EDI file if Count does not match in the Specified time Interval? Any thoughts how to achieve this? If any message fails in b2b level, we are using b2b.outboundOneErrorAllError property for not sending partial file. We are using B2B


      Thanks in Advance!!