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    Managing 8i with modern OEM 10g+


      We have an 8i legacy instance on Tru64 which won't ever be upgraded which uses the 8i agent and 9i standalone OEM console on a separate Windows host.


      What config do I need to use a later/cooler OEM i.e. 10, 11, 12... to manage it. I can install any required / supported agent on the Tru64 host.


      TIA, Phil

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          Loc Nhan -Oracle

          Hi Phil,

          Generally, you can install a Cloud Control/Grid Control agent to monitor a database, which has DB Control configured. However, as database 8i is quite old, it is not certified for EM versions post In addition, only DB is certified for EM, and this EM version is no longer available for download from OTN.


          If necessary, see MOS 1071023.1 on how to request for a media shipment.



          - Loc

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            Rajesh Lathwal

            I will not suggest to use older version of OEM to support 8i database. If you have majority of databases in 10G/11G , then you should use 12 c cloud control.


            In past we used to monitor 8i databases with 10G Grid but you will not get all the features for 8i database.