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    Set templates error, emgr_update is not recognized as internal or external command


      Hi ,


      Im trying set new template to my application , as per the procedure im running the set_templates.bat file under <app>\control\


      'emgr_update' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

      operable program or batch file.


      I have all the env variables set properly. do you have any idea where to look for the logs in this case?


      When I tried to run the same in other way , im getting  the below error.


      c:\Endeca\PlatformServices\6.1.3\bin>emgr_update.bat --action set_templates --host localhost:8006 --app_name Discover --dir C:\Endeca\Apps\Discover\config\cartridge_templates\

      ERROR: Could not open acquire_lock.status.


      Thanks for helping in advance.