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    LOV Requery on Submit of page


      Apex 4.2

      I have a select list that is the child of another select list.

      When the parent select list changes the child select list is updates as expected..great.


      The problem is when I submit the page the query that populates the child LOV appears to be executing again , this is not needed. It slows the whole report down.

      Child LOV Source

      Page Action When Changes None(default)


      Display Extra Values:NO

      Display Null Values:YES

      Cascading LOV Parent p380_depot

      Optimize Refresh YES

      Default All



      SELECT d, r  FROM

          (/*+ RULE */


               Tour as d,Tour as r

            FROM high_profile_report

            where del_depot=:P380_DEPOT


        ORDER BY r


      Why is this LOV source SQL running again on Submit Page?