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    How to Restore E-Business Suite after Server Crash?


      Hi Hussein Sawwan,

      I have a question that will be useful to other members of the community. How do I restore Oracle E-Business Suite R12 after physically loosing the server that hosts the ERP instance?

      I have 2 scenarios here:

      1-Existing cold backups of the DbTier and AppsTier are available

      I have been doing a full backup of the Apps and Inst folders once a week on an external drive.

      I have been copying the DB folder (Data + DBMS_ORACLE_HOME) after shutting down the database cleanly once a week on an external drive. Noting that, here the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

      2-Existing Hot backups of the Database are available and I have a backup of the Apps and Inst folders (AppsTier)

      The database is in archivelog here. I have been doing a full hot backup of the database once a week, an Incremental backup everyday, and a full backup of the archivelogs once a week. All of this to an external drive. The Apps and Inst folders are backed up once a week to an external drive.

      Let say something bad happens and we completely loose the physical server. How can I do to restore and recover my Oracle E-Business Suite R12 to a new server?


      I know I will have to Install the same OS on the new server, but what happens after that?


      Thanks in advance,