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    Rman Monitoring

    ashish 1901

      Hi friends,


      Couple of days ago i run RMAN FULL BACKUP..Now when i checked its status using the below command its shows runing.


      col STATUS format a9

      col hrs format 999.99



      to_char(START_TIME,'mm/dd/yy hh24:mi') start_time,

      to_char(END_TIME,'mm/dd/yy hh24:mi') end_time,

      elapsed_seconds/3600 hrs


      order by session_key;


      Now i want to know how much its complted.So when i issue the below commnad it shows "NO ROWS SELECTED" WHY???



      select SID, START_TIME,TOTALWORK, sofar, (sofar/totalwork) * 100 done,

      sysdate + TIME_REMAINING/3600/24 end_at

      from v$session_longops

      where totalwork > sofar

      AND opname NOT LIKE '%aggregate%'

      AND opname like 'RMAN%'

      please help

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          What is in the backup log file ?

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            ashish 1901



            I have not given any logfile for backups here is my backup script,




            allocate channel c1 type disk;

            allocate channel c2 type disk;

            allocate channel c3 type disk;

            BACKUP AS COMPRESSED BACKUPSET DATABASE FORMAT='H:\backup\full_%d_%u_%s_%T';

            BACKUP AS COMPRESSED BACKUPSET CURRENT CONTROLFILE FORMAT='H:\backup\controlfile_%d_%u_%s_%T';

            release channel c1;

            release channel c2;

            release channel c3;





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              could you please detalil the follwoing Query



              what is size of your Db

              are you using   recovery catalog

              o/p of show all;

              Your DB Version/OS detail

              did you get any thing wrong in alert log file

              how did you run the backup script in window through scheduler ?

              how about the physical file existence at location H:\backup\

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                ashish 1901



                My db size is around 950GB

                We are not using recovery catalog.

                O.S is windows server 2008(64 bit) on which we are running oracle 11.2.0 32 bit enterprise edition And we are running this script manually in RMAN prompt.

                H Drive is external hard disk mapped with our server.



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                  What I can see here:


                  running 32-bit Oracle on 64-bit OS. This begs the question: why?

                  850 Gb database: how many datafiles?

                  Backing up to a network drive (so this will be slow), and 3 channels all going to that network drive:

                  which means you must have an I/O bottleneck.

                  Also you provide minimal to 0 information to help you out, as you have your logfile going to the proverbial black hole.

                  You didn't post your backup script, as you don't show the RMAN command line. You can simply keep the log by using documented log= qualifier on the RMAN command line.

                  Also you didn't post the result of

                  show all


                  Why you are surprised it is slow and do you expect any valid help, with that little cooperation on your side?



                  Sybrand Bakker

                  Senior Oracle DBA