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    Mandatory Fields Color

    Debanjan Banerjee

      Hi All,


      I have a custom form with 2 fields.


      FieldA- LOV(XX,YY)

      FieldB becomes required when YY is chosen.


      I am able to make fieldB as required, but I am not able to get proper color(yellow).


      to achieve this I created a visual group and assigned that to fieldB in runtime using below code:



      The background color of DATA_REQUIRED1 is r100g100b55. But still I am not able to find the exact yellow that is used for other required field in APPS, my yellow(r100g100b55) is little bit brighter.


      Please let me know how to get the visual_attribute of mandatory fields, and assign them in FIELDB.


      Note: the entry in registry.dat is:


      app.ui.requiredFieldVABGColor=255,0,0(not sure what it means)