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    Issues install RAC 12c on Virtualbox



      I am trying to get RAC 12c on OEL6 running on my Windows 7 PC following various notes but mainly the note from ORACLE-BASE which has always been a very helpful site.



      1. This is the content of my /etc/hosts file:

        localhost.localdomain localhost

      # Public   oel-rac1.localdomain        oel-rac1   oel-rac2.localdomain        oel-rac2

      # Private   oel-rac1-priv.localdomain   oel-rac1-priv   oel-rac2-priv.localdomain   oel-rac2-priv

      # Virtual   oel-rac1-vip.localdomain    oel-rac1-vip   oel-rac2-vip.localdomain    oel-rac2-vip

      # SCAN   oel-scan.localdomain oel-scan   oel-scan.localdomain oel-scan   oel-scan.localdomain oel-scan


      2. The /etc/resolv.conf file's content:

      # Generated by NetworkManager

      search localdomain




      So far I have gone through notes and configured dns, bind and dnsmasq etc

      When I do nslookup on node 1 it works resolving as expected


      But when I do it on NODE2, it doesn't work until I edit its /etc/resolv.conf file's to:

      # Generated by NetworkManager

      search localdomain



      Should I need to change this or it should be using the one on NODE1?


      Also I cannot ping or ssh out of the nodes but I can ping and ssh within each node.... and I have turned-off firewall as well but no luck


      I will greatly appreciate your input in solving these issues