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    java plugin futility


      I will be frank with you while providing what I honestly believe is constructive criticism, despite what you may feel to the contrary. My experience downloading and installing the java plugin for a Windows browser has been totally disastrous. Worse still, trying to find a place to discuss this issue, to bring to the attention of somebody here, anybody, has been equally shameful. Whoever is in charge of managing the user experience for installing the java plugin should be fired, to say the least.


      When I visited your site to get the latest plugin, it advised me that the version I had installed currently was old and unsecure and that it should be replaced forthwith. After I installed the latest plugin, rebooted and went online to verify its proper functioning at your website, I went through the steps to have it remove the older versions of said plugin. However, it told me that I had the latest version this time but it continued to display the same older version, which it had previously said was old, etc. So, I manually uninstalled your brainchild myself since your procedure was faulty. This alone is plenty indicative of what to expect from your product, as well as your support procedures, I have come to discover. I have no desire, ZERO, to jack around with a java plugin just so I can see a website correctly by a company who cannot manage to create a product and procedure for reasonably managing it without my hand-holding all along the way.


      Now, why is it when I open IE 10 to look at the installed plugins, I can see nothing related to yours, even though I can see it is installed plainly when I look at Windows Uninstaller facility? So why am I spending my time on your plugin when it doesn't even seem to be recognized properly by the very browser it was supposed to support?


      Worse still is the fact that when I attempted to find a forum or other means for support to voice my concerns, nothing was available readily. It took much too much too much time for me to find this obscure little place to express my misgivings, in the hope that someone there will take notice of just how far out of touch with the average person your devices are? I would never recommend your company or products to anyone after this experience. To say that you have failed to provide a good service to the internet community by such convoluted madness is a gross understatement of my sentiment, which I am quite sure is shared by most reasonable persons on this planet or any other.