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    Can't set GroupRestrict parameter


      Hello comrades,


      I'm trying to implement access control by setting a GroupRestrict parameter but get following error:

      ttisql db


      connect "DSN=db";

      620: Original GroupRestrict value does not match the current GroupRestrict value

      The command failed.


      I was trying to set all different OS groups to this GroupRestrict  parameter in the /var/TimesTen/sys.odbc.ini file without success.

      Could someone please tell where is the problem ?


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          What version of TimesTen is this (ttVersion command)? GroupRestrict is only supported on very old versions (7.0 and earlier). There are new (and better) security mechanisms available in 11.2.1 onwards.


          If you are still on 7.0 or earlier then you should note that:


          -    The value specified for GroupRestrict is a single group name, not a list of group names.


          -    The value takes effect at the time the physical database is created and is fixed for the life of the database. To change it you must drop the database thus losing all its contend - so backup or save with ttMigrate first if you wish to preserve the contents), change the setting in sys.odbc.ini and then re-create the database.


          -    To use GroupRestrict the TimesTen daemon must run as 'root' (which is generally considered undesirable).


          The error you are seeing is because the database was created with one value (or no value) for GroupRestrict and now you are trying to connect using a different value.



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            Hello Chris,


            Thank you very much for a such detailed answer!

            We have TimesTen Release and now it's clear why we have this issue.