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    Final Netting Report failing in OPP - APPLTMP system property not set

    Arnold vanKoppen

      In R12.1.3: When running the Final Netting Report, the OPP fails with the following error (extra lines added for context, ERROR on first line with [189]):


      [40]:EVENT:[xdo.oa.common.webui.DocumentViewerCO]:OAF LOG: Event : Call Process Request, in: oracle.apps.xdo.oa.common.webui.DocumentViewerCO: Entering Process Request

      [40]:STATEMENT:[xdo.oa.common.webui.DocumentViewerCO]:Entering processRequest..

      [40]:PROCEDURE:[fnd.common.WebAppsContext]:oracle.apps.fnd.common.WebAppsContext.getFNDGlobal(): BEGIN

      [40]:PROCEDURE:[fnd.common.WebAppsContext]:oracle.apps.fnd.common.WebAppsContext.getFNDGlobal(): END


      [43]:STATEMENT:[xdo.oa.common.webui.DocumentViewerCO]:Call RemoteFile.transfer:cpNode:FINDEVDB:inputFile:/oracle_3/appltst5/UAT/inst/apps/UAT_findevdb/logs/appl/conc/out/o6630934.out

      [189]:ERROR:[xdo.oa.common.webui.DocumentViewerCO]:Error from Call RemoteFile.transfer:oracle.apps.fnd.cp.util.RemoteFileException: FND File Server is not permitted to write in the specified directory for /tmp/OF38333793.tmp.

      [189]:STATEMENT:[xdo.oa.common.webui.DocumentViewerCO]:Exiting processRequest..


      The error is correct as it's not supposed to write to /tmp.

      Both $APPLTMP and the XML Publisher temp directory are set to different values.


      Looking at xdo.oa.common.webui.DocumentViewerCO , it shows that it uses the APPLTMP system property for the temp directory, and if that is NULL it will set it to /tmp. From this it seems that the java system property APPLTMP is not set.


      So my question is: how do we get the system property APPLTMP set to the value from $APPLTMP ?