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    blank report when using rtf report layout


      Hi all,


      my apex version is 3.2 and my bi publisher is 10.1


      I created an RTF report layout on bi publisher desktop ... (the layout is free form with for-each ROW and breaks on page) .....

      I loaded the data with XML sample and did a preview it works like a charm ....

      created the report layout in apex and changed it in the report query with output format :Word .... ( I did run the report  and the word document was blank ).

      Changed the output format to: PDF I got ( The selected document could not be opened )

      Changed the output format to: XML ( I got all my records !!!!! nothing is missing and it works fine) ...


      I checked the bi publisher and it is working fine and I can download all my interactive reports with no problem ...



      Any idea !!!


      Please help

      Thank You

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          If you are still having this problem, check that your BI Publisher Desktop version matches (or at least is close) to your BI Publisher version.


          I recently struggled with creating a PDF based on an RTF file and I just kept getting a blank pdf.  The problem was that the server was running BI Publisher 10 and I was using BI Publisher Desktop 11 to create the rtf.  Once I changed my Desktop version to 10 and recreated the rtf file, it worked like a charm.


          Good luck,



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            Marc Sewtz-Oracle

            RTF templates created with the BI Publisher 11g Word Plug-In will not work when using BI Publisher 10g on the server - unless the compatibility mode is used. To do this, start Word, navigate to the BI Publisher Plug-In menu, click options, click the "Build" tab, and then select "Backwards Compatible" for "Form Field Size.