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    Corporate Address Book in Convergence - how to customize LDAP search?


      The Convergence web-interface can use the Corporate address book in a number of ways, such as directly displaying it in the AB interface tabs, searching for new instant messaging contacts among the server users, or substituting addresses in the messages.


      The Wiki articles like https://wikis.oracle.com/display/CommSuite/Convergence+Administrative+Tasks explain the ability to set an overall filter on the found entries (i.e. consider "psIncludeInGAB" attribute for users), but are quite vague on setting the "[filter]" part which is substituted by Convergence based on the situation, I guess. I am not sure if these particular filters are all hardcoded or modifiable.


      There is a "searchattr" setting with examples like "entry/displayname,@uid,person/surname" loosely related to LDAP attributes (this one apparently searches for cn,uid,sn), but I've not found a format definition, and my various attempts to change the setting have led to server errors ("Sorry, an error occured") after considerable search timeouts. There is nothing logged in DSEE LDAP server in these cases, so apparently I did not get the LDAP search string to be properly formed by Convergence.


      So, if searchattr can define anything (can it?) - what sort of fields can we search for? how can I add mailAlternateAddress and mailEquivalentAddress, for example?


      How can the different used searchattr's be redefined (I saw several patterns in DSEE logs, so I'm sure there are several predefined filters)?.. if they can be?..



      //Jim Klimov