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    Handling a big database




      I have just started to use Oracle Data Modeler to design a big database and I am planning how to do it. My idea was to create a main logical model and then in other levels a bigger detail of new entities. I thought there would be some kind of option like creating a box or bubble in the main level and by clicking it, navigate to the other levels.


      As I don't find any basic documentation with examples, I would be very pleased if you could lend me a hand. I think there is a way by creating subviews, displays or something like that bu I am a bit confused... I need to make a good design from the beginning to handle the design when the database grows in the future.


      Thank you.

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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle



          here is what you have:

          - main diagram containing all objects - if you are going to have large model then don't touch it

          - subview - you can put set of objects on it related to specific area

          - display - contains the same set of objects belonging to subview - idea is to have different presentation of objects on displays - details level, to hide some elements, to change color (for that display)

          In subview you can hide relationships/foreign keys.

          You can create a network of "overview" subviews - you can use drag&drop on browser and drop one subview in another subview; you'll get icon representing the source subview - in context menu you can select to be "Composite view" and you'll get diagram (can enlarge it) and can select which display to be represented. Then using "View diagram" you can go to represented subview. There you can use "Go to diagram" (in context menu of diagram) and to navigate back .



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            Thanks Philip. Your idea is brilliant and that is what I have thought. The problem is that I can't create that tree of subviews in Oracle Data Modeler.


            Could you please be more specific? I try to drag one subview into another subview (both at the same level) in the Logic model but Oracle Data Modeler (versión 3 or 4) doesn't allow it. All the subviews I have created are at the same level, which is a complete mess to handle a model of a big database.


            I have searched much information but no clues. I really appreciate very much your help.



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              Philip Stoyanov-Oracle

              you should drag one subview from browser to diagram (visible) of another subview, not to another subview on browser.

              No hierarchy of subviews (for now) - probably you can use good prefixes to help you to find easier what you are looking for.



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                Really useful your answers.


                Thanks a lot ;-)