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    Invoice Printing Error : No clue at all


      Hi All,


      When I try printing invoices, certain invoices fail for no reason and I get an error as follows :


      MSG-20001: Submitted bursting request 1*****

      REP-2103: Column 'CF_CUSTOMER_LINE_NUMBER' : PL/SQL formula returned invalid value or no value.

      REP-0069: Internal error

      REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:



      And unable to find any error related to CF_CUSTOMER_LINE_NUMBER, I have checked everything in it.

      If I delete CF_CUSTOMER_LINE_NUMBER from the report then the error pops to the next formula colum and so on.

      I have seen this sort of question in these forums but have failed in finding a solution.

      Been working on this for the past 10 days without any clue.

      Thanks for the help.