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    Dynamic fields and conditions




      I have created a tabular form with:


      1. Fields that users can use to filter the table

      2. Filter button to filter the data

      3. Fields where they select the column name, input the value for update

      4. Update button that updates the filtered data in a dynamic PL\SQL


      I have a set SQL query on the report that always checks all the values, so I need to have nvl function in case users don't fill all the fields.

      Problem with this is that the query lasts very long.

      Another problem is, that since I have max 3 columns for update; in case they don't fill those columns, update doesn't work.

      Is it possible to maybe create fields in a dynamic way like it is default on a report?

      And does anyone know how I could solve the problem with the update in case users select just one column name and fill just one value for update?