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    Someone eating my UNDO tbs


      Hello all,


      I have 11gr2 with r12.


      we have 60GB undo tbs, retention is 900s set.


      since last 2 days our undo is showing 98% used, no recent changes done.

      I googled, lots of sql's are there to know what is consuming UNDO, but the list what I am getting as an output result are in KB's.



      for example:

      select * from V$SYSMETRIC_HISTORY;











      ,t.used_ublk*8192/1024 undo_usage_kb 

      from v$session     s 

          ,v$transaction t 

      where t.addr = s.taddr;


      above query is giving me num of sessions but all are in kb's, then where is undo been consumed.


      Please help me to find out the culprit.


      Thanks in ADV